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Our Model 3540 Deflection Gage is used for measuring deformation in three and four point bend tests, strain in compression tests and a variety of displacements in situations where measurement is difficult or impossible with a standard extensometer. Deflection is measured with a single arm, using a spherical contact tip, like a dial indicator. The magnetic base can bee mounted to the desired reference surface - whether flat or round. The tip is then positioned to measure deformation during the test. The spring-loaded arm can break free in the event of excessive travel, protecting the unit from damage. The electronic signal conditioning requirements are the same for any full bridge strain-gaged transducer.
3540-0250Deflection Gage (Deflectometer) with Magnetic Extendable Base, Calibration, and connector to your requirements.
0.250 in
0.2 %
C-STDSelect connector to match machines from Instron (older mil style), MTS (newer Bendix PT01A type), Satec (mil type or mini-DIN), Tinius Olsen (290 electronics), Schenck, ATS, United and most other controllers.
. .
. .
C-MTSMTS older type Amphenol 165 connector (large silver connector)
. .
.. .
C-INSInstron-compatible self-identifying connector (D-sub 25 pin), complete for self calibration, self identifying resistors, shunt resistors and required relays, calibrated.
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