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Fatigue Crack Growth Test Software - Meets ASTM E647


Fatigue crack growth rate tests expressed as a function of crack-tip stress-intensity factor range, da/dN versus delta K, characterizes a material's resistance to stable crack extension under cyclic loading. Temperature and aggressive environments can significantly affect da/dN versus delta K, and in many cases accentuate R-effects and introduce effects of other loading variables such as cycle frequency and waveform.

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We offer standard test applications software to serve the range of needs associated with ASTM E647.

Research continues on however, and the work conducted by the University of Arkansas (Dr. Ashok Saxena) remains on the leading edge and is performed using several TestResources high temperature servohydraulic machines by researchers focused on improving and understanding mechanical behavior of metals at both ambient and high temperatures. Time-dependent fracture mechanics and low - cycle strain controlled fatigue experiments continue to contribute to the development of improved understanding of microstructure-property relationships, reliability and risk analysis and ultimately how to extend the life of aging structural components.

A 900LX11 test system was specially optimized for ambient and high temperature fracture research. Special uniquely designed load line extensometers capable of operation to 1600F enable precision control for the test. The system includes fatigue test software that controls the test and analyses results automatically according to ASTM E647 and more. And with the GDS software platform, researchers can create their own special applications.

B0803 Fatigue crack growth application software follows ASTM E647 standards. The application supports testing on a wide range of specimen geometry including C(T) LLD, MOD, SE(B), DC(T) and user defined.

Test settings include selecting the specimen geometry; setting dimensions, max load, stress ratio and test frequency. The application allows a total description of ten steps with cycling at constant load, decreasing delta K, and Increasing delta K. Online crack computation from unloading modulus. Test stop conditions can be set in terms crack growth, crack increment, number of cycles, Kmax, da/dN.

Test settings can be stored which allows the user to run similar tests at a later date with minimal setup. Cycling at two different frequencies ensures maximum data collection for crack estimates. The test stops in case of overload or under load below specified percent detected. Option to manually enter the crack size at two different points and adjust the crack estimate accordingly. The option is provided to hold the test at any point and resume the test from that point. Automatic data acquisition settings for the 2350 controller are included in the product. Test results can be exported to excel online. Data files are stored in folders created each day, with files carrying day and time along with assignment name.

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