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TestResources engineers system solutions based on the general philosophy of 'buy - not make' when it came to products and support available from likeminded, proven and trustworthy test machine suppliers. Our supply chain is worldwide and includes customer service, test systems, accessories, know-how and engineering support. We are an engineering firm and offer application engineered solutions and pre-engineered standardized test machines on a cost effective basis.

Our organization is structured to maximize our strengths in electromechanical, servohydraulic and servoelectric test systems and solutions.

TestResources Inc is a privately held corporation in Shakopee, Minnesota, USA, and provides sales, service, applications engineering and operational responsibilities. Field engineering and calibration services are delivered both from our factory and via a network of experienced and independent field engineers. TestResources is managed by Bob Brosch, who has 35 years test industry experience, including high level management responsibilities at MTS Systems Corporation and Enduratec (now Bose) prior to co-founding TestResources over a decade ago.

TestResources Asia is a privately held corporation located in Bangalore, India, founded by Dr. R. Sunder and CS Venkatesh, former National Aerospace Laboratories engineers. TestResources Asia is also known as Bangalore Integrated Systems Solutions, or BiSS. Dr. Sunder brings 30 years experience in fatigue and fracture research and consults with US customers, such as the US Air Force Research Laboratories. He contributes research papers, was an Editor for Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures, and a leading expert in random load spectrum and fracture mechanics.

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