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Upgrade Your Universal Hydraulic Machine

  Upgrade Information  

Universal hydraulic test machines are constructed robustly - most have outlived the firms that produced them.
The rugged frames tend to hold value and remain mechanically sound, but need updated data capture and analysis.

Machines we upgrade include:

- Satec
- Baldwin
- Riehle
- Forney
- United
- Others

  Two Upgrade Paths  
Manual Handvalve Operation - Most universal test machines (UTM's) use a manual hydraulic valve to set the test speed. Adding data acquisition and software enables customers to acquire load and strain data from your load and strain sensors, analyze the data, and generate documented test reports. Data may be stored or archived, exported to other programs or printed to a report. Several products are available for you.

Closed Loop Servocontrolled machines operate with a servovalve and pump and automatically control test speed or load levels.
If your machine is equipped with a servovalve, you can improve reliability, data quality and simplify operation with an all digital controller from TestResources.  

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If your machine operates via Manual Handvalve --
Click here.

If your machine operates via automatic control with Servovalve -- Click here.

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