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Mechanical Design

Our systems consist of multiple technology sensors, load frames, actuators, grips and fixtures that are integrated to test end products and materials. Our products are expected to to faithfully reproduce user-specified test conditions and do so in a repeatable fashion. Our mechanical engineering staff brings significant understanding and experience to virtually any mechanical test application.

Controls and Software

We have several control and measurement platforms and specialize in providing cost-effective control and software products. Our application expertise includes fatigue, fracture materials research, medical devices and structural test systems. Our Asian team specializes in design and development of new or customized servohydraulic test systems. Our new 2350 DSP Multichannel servocontroller with MTL Windows test software is operating in some of the most demanding test laboratories in the world -- featuring unmatched performance and capabilities such as

-Open software development environment - supporting customers interested in developing their own Visual Basic and C based applications.

-High Speed Data Acquisition & Control - the 2350 features an astounding 20 kHz update rate to enhance the quality and efficiency of both control and data gathering.

-Multiple control channels - with Global Data Sharing create endless possibilities for complex test systems design. Virtually no limits to the number of control channels or test stations.

-Compatibility with virtually any actuator, motor and sensor used in mechanical testing. You can measure from extensometers, accelerometers, encoders, load cells and LVDTs. You can control electromechanical motors, electromagnetic actuators, linear motors, servohydraulic and servopneumatic actuators and servovalves.

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