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Test Systems and Products

Single Column Test Systems:

- 250 LB Capacity (Max)

- 1125 LB Capacity (Max)

Dual Column Test Systems

Upgrade Your Existing Machine:

- Electromechanical-Static

- Universal Hydraulic-Static

- Servohydraulic-Dynamic


ered Systems

Universal Dynamic Systems


Low Force Test Systems - Gram level - up to 250 pounds.

  Systems Overview  
  Systems include Frame, Load Cell, Controller; Software and Fixtures optional.
  Basic Features:

- Standalone & PC Controlled

  - Two frames available
  - High accuracy - 1/500th of load cell capacity
  - Load, Position and Strain Channels
  - Tension and Compression Modes
  - Many load cells to select from
  - Grips, Fixtures and Extensometers available
  Controller Options  
Standalone Controllers - Entry Level Packages   PC Control & Data Acquisition - Perform almost any test
Affordable P & Q controllers with keypad, display, and RS232 data export. Optional software analysis macros for Excel. Performs most tension and compression tests. Servocontrolled and upgrades to R.   
Powerful, flexible, integrated software-driven controller performs almost any test - custom or standard. Includes real time plotting, programmable control, calibration, and report generation. Includes standard analyses such as modulus, yield, energy.
- Standalone mode.
- Constant speed and constant load control.
- Test analysis software optional.
- Curve plotting software optional.

- Includes standalone capabilities and much more.
Full PC control, data acquisition and analysis.
- Plot stress strain in real time - analyze results automatically.
- Analyzes batch tests with statistical analysis.
- Highly integrated turnkey package.

Strength, peel, shear tests; measure displacement at break, energy and tensile properties; Education, medical devices, wire, textile, electronic components, adhesives, serve production and product test applications.
Academic research, test laboratories, development labs, and scenarios involving varying tests and data intense materials tests such as plastics or rubber. Great for research.
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  Standalone Systems with data export PC Controlled Systems  
Model Rating Travel Datasheet Model Rating Travel Datasheet
  100Q 250 LB *6 or 12 inch versions Click Here 100R 250 LB *6 or 12 inch versions
200Q 250 LB (40 IPM) 31" 200R 250 LB (40 IPM) 31"
  *Head manually adjustable 31" (for different fixtures, grips, load cells).  

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